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Marini Family Chiropractic Specialties

The Doctors of Marini Family Chiropractic strive to bring you the most up-to-date and advanced Structural Corrective care to help you meet your needs. Here are the specialties of this practice:

  1. Structural Corrective Chiropractic Care – Conventional chiropractors/Traditional Chiropractor focus on reducing muscular discomfort, increasing range of motion and reducing pain. There are some chiropractors who pursue additional certifications and coursework, allowing them to focus on other areas of chiropractic. One of those areas is Structural Correction. Any chiropractor who focuses on Structural Correction is looking to remove any structural shifts in the spine that may be causing structural abnormalities or dysfunctions in the body. These abnormalities and dysfunctions can lead to many secondary conditions (symptoms) that may explain what you may be experiencing. However, that is actually the minority of the time, as most structural shifts can occur without any sign or symptom.
Did you know that Structural Corrections are not only safe but very helpful for pregnant moms, babies, and young children?

Did you know that Structural Corrections are not only safe but very helpful for pregnant moms, babies, and young children?

  1. Structural Corrective care can be used on anyone who has structural shifts, and it can also be help many different types of people including:
    • Pediatrics and Pregnancy: The structure of the spine and the function of the body is essential for the birth process but for proper development as well. Dr Steve and Dr Nick are certified and are recognized experts in Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic care, being fluent in the science, research, and techniques that are necessary.
    • Those with Scoliosis: There are types of scoliosis that can be helped by structural corrective chiropractic care. Dr Steve and Dr Nick, in addition to Corrective Care, utilize tools, devices, and exercises that are complementary to care which can help the body heal.
    • Nutrition and Immune Analysis: The structure of your body dictates the function of your body. If you don’t put the right fuel in to your body or your body isn’t functioning properly, the immune system may become imbalanced. Utilizing the most recent research and Dr. Steve’s Ph.D. in Immunology/Microbiology, we can help get your body functioning properly once again.
King of Prussia Massage

King of Prussia Massage

  1. We also offer Massage Therapy. Structural Corrective care helps to put your body back to where it needs to be, and massage therapy helps to keep you there. Jacqueline, our resident RN and certified Massage Therapist, is trained in multiple techniques of massage to help suit your needs, including:
    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • Cupping
    • Bamboo/Hot Stone Massage
    • Pregnancy Massage
    • Swedish Relaxation Massage
    • The use of essential oils

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